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Some of the feedback we have received from our Customers:


"We looked around at the various alternatives for encoding videos, and after evaluation we found that the Turbine video Engine met all our requirements and had the simplicity & versatility and solid performance that we were after. We use the engine to encode all our videos into flash Video format for streaming to our flv player."

Philip Connolly

"The staff at Blue Pacific is very easy to work with. From evaluation through purchasing, installation, and support, my experience with Blue Pacific Software has been nothing but positive."

D. States
Manager, Software Development
RWD Technologies, Inc.

"For the latest version of RWD’s uPerform product, we required a stable approach to embedding rich media elements into our Flash-based enterprise software simulations. After extensive research and trials with offerings from other vendors, Blue Pacific’s Turbine 7 SDK was found to offer the best solution for our needs.

Using Turbine’s excellent Media Markup Language (MML), and its comprehensive .NET scripting interface, Turbine has enabled us to rapidly integrate XML data, images and audio into our published
simulations within our client and server-based applications. The Turbine SDK is thoroughly documented, and Blue Pacific offered prompt responses to our inquiries as we became familiar with Turbine. We look forward to implementing future enhancements available in the Turbine product line as they become available."

S. Friese
Senior Web Content Developer
RWD Technologies, Inc.

"Turbine made transforming data to a Flash movie an amazingly easy task. Their format was easy to understand and easy to implement. It was so nice to have a stable tool to perform such an important
task in our software."

T. Adams
Software Engineer
RWD Technologies, Inc.

"... I would strongly recommend Blue Pacific Software to any company looking to provide top tier video encoding products..."

Tom Davies
Founder and CEO
Interactive Sports Training

"... Our merchants take a picture or video, email it to us and Turbine Video Engine SDK automatically converts the incoming video file to Flash media..."

“This is a fantastic software!” says Steve Poley Co-founder, Cell)))it.

"The SDK set up was a breeze. No special requirements, no incompatibilities and yes, the support was an important part of our site build out. Prompt answers and good suggestions from the SDK support team. We couldn’t have built out the site in 3-months without your support. Dan Masca, President and programmers for the new site said, “Turbine Video Engine SDK was one of the best development kits we have used."

"Good documentation, support after almost 4 months and we didn’t encountered any strange problems related to software crashes. I am sure that other developers know what we mean. Is one of the SDK‘s we will use in future Video Processing & Conversion projects. SDK just... rocks!!!"

Steve Poley (Co-founder)
Dan Masca (President)

"... Turbine SDK gives us the flexibility to modify movies as they are transcoded and implement our industry standard Flash DRM solution."

John Cooper

"Every actor/talent/model in Hollywood is having different format of their work production videos. Displaying them online on website would require downloading each video, converting and then uploading back again. It would cost $12/hr of human efforts with half an hour per video conversion time. And we have 1000s of profiles with minimum 5 videos each. It was nightmare executing our business without having Blue Pacific [TVE SDK]."

Donald Diprima

"Our users publish music, pictures, design and video, especially music videos. The TVE SDK has helped us improve and streamline the publishing of video to our user profiles, and improving their experience. We strive to simplify advance publishing on the Livecity blogs and the TVE SDK has so far met our demands."

Andes Dahl Eriksen
Product Manager / Edda Media Norway

"I would like to applause your support on the TVE SDK issues we have had so far - it is a huge stress-relief to know that if we run into problems we can send an Email and know that it does not end up in an Email account which is never checked - you know how it works in some companies... I can only recommend your services and software to the people in my network. Keep up the good work."

Kristian Erbou
Den Blå Avis

"Thanks again for a great product. I first used [another video converter from other Company], but there is no way to automate the process unless you do the 'Watch folder' thingy which doesn't always work 100%. Then I tried [another engine SDK from a different Company], but their licensing model just makes it unaffordable. So now I am using your product [Turbine Video Engine SDK] and I am extremely satisfied, not only because of the flexibility of the component but the support as well !!!"

Pieta Heyns
Software Developer

"We use your software as a core component of our site, and chose it at a time when few others had. The functionality, economics, and growing popularity of the software have proven we made the right choice."

Leslie Carl
Geotiser, Inc.

"Rich Chart Server takes a unique approach to the problem of producing attractive charts in .NET..."

"...Your code then merely loads this template, fills it with data, and generates the chart - literally three lines of code in the simplest case. If you want to get fancier, you can override anything about the template from code."

Mike Gunderloy on a review of Rich Chart Server
Mike Gunderloy is the lead developer for Larkware and author of numerous books and articles on programming topics.

"I just spent several hours investigating the preview version of ASP Turbine 7. I truly believe you have put together the most interesting set of tools for ASP and Flash. I am very impressed with the integration and its user friendliness."

Jean-Pierre Deshaies
Simulus Informatique


"...I wanted to pass along a very sincere thank you for all of your patience and help over the past few weeks. It was very much appreciated."


"...aside from a couple of minor issues/rethinks - everything worked wonderfully! We’re extremely happy with the results and wanted to pass along a note of gratitude for making such a fantastic application! ;-)"

Bryan Rieger

"FlashPaper is an exciting and unique technology within Contribute 2. We are pleased that the Flash Printer technology, has helped in enabling Macromedia customers to embed rich Flash content within their web pages."

Jack Moran
Vice President of Product Development

"I came across your product [Flash Printer] from a reference in my blog. It's extremely cool."

Jeremy Allaire
Macromedia (Former CTO)

As a consequence of this "discovery", on October 2003 Macromedia acquired Flash Printer and renamed it to Flash Paper.

"ASP Turbine 7 looks great, congratulations with this product - It's a killer. Especially the MML language is extremely strong feature in the product."

Ragnvald Moberg
Storm Weather Center

"I really enjoyed working with your product and proud to bring it into my company."

Nicolas Tasky
Sté Préférences

"Keep up the excellent work. You guys rock."

Matthias Huisken

"The advantage of Flash Turbine is that the designer can focus on layout and multimedia experiences and still be able to transparently provide dynamic content in the Flash movie (...) The advantage of ASP Flash Turbine is the scripting possibilities available in ASP and increased performance since ASP will access content as well as generating the Flash movie.
Other solutions would need multiple server accesses with slower response time as a result...
Our conclusion is that ASP Flash Turbine in an ASP environment is the best solution for the prototype, since it is cheaper and provides a programming environment in addition to the programming features in Flash."

Staffan Bjelle and Henrik Gildéus
Graduation thesis and prototype

"We are mostly making Flash sites, then I arrived to make those Flash movies dynamically generated with Generator, but on the first week I understood through testing that your ASP Turbine is 4-5 times faster and much less CPU demanding than Macromedia's product and the price well, I won't pay $3000 for a server software that doesn't fit my speed demands and your product fits both the budget of projects and the speed demands. Good work."

Johan "Spocke" Sörlin
Paregos Mediadesign

"I just want to let you know that your product is great. With your product and a little thought I am designing a totally customizable user interface for guest services for cruise ships, trains, hotels, and jets.
With your product I am able to make every item customizable from the color of all of the objects to the text button lists; and these are customizable through a web interface so it can be done anywhere in the world."

Brandon Monahan

A partial list of leading companies who have chosen our products:

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We would like to thank all of our existing customers and users whose feedback over time has proved to be essential to the improvement of our products.

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