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  Websites using Blue Pacific Software products:  
  Geotiser Meierhof Hotel Vodafone live! Simulator
  Geographic Video Advertising. User-generated video ads and coupons displayed on maps.   The sophisticated website for the Meierhof Hotel in Davos. Developed by
  Content Management System for simulation of the Vodafone live! service. Developed by EFirst.  

  LiveCity USCondex
  A social network community with music and artists as the main ingredient.   The World’s Largest Condo Marketplace with an inventory of more than 300,000 searchable condo listings.   The largest video site from the Netherlands where you can view, browse, upload, rate, comment and share your videos with others.  

  ITB Berlin Virtual Market Atlantic Link Inkswitch MarketSpace
  The ITB Berlin Virtual Market Place, a permanent online trade fair. Developed by webfact.   Atlantic Link provides the world's most advanced rapid elearning tools.   Powerful tools for real estate professionals.  

  Build your own Flash Website in minutes.
Developed by EFirst.
  PARIS MATCH magazine website. Developed by 5W Digital.
  TOMY UK Limited website. Developed by Insomnious.

  TV5 Monde Woon & Bouwburo Universal Music
  Cities of the World area on TV5 Monde website. Developed by
Sté Préférences.
  Website for a Belgian real-estate company.
Developed by KickTease.
  The Universal Music Special Markets website.
Developed by
Soulman Software.

  Communication Co.
  The Communication Co. website.
Developed by Us Media.
  A virtual online gift delivery service. Developed by
Ballantyne Consulting
  A sophisticated online art brokerage site.
Developed by Skookum Digital Arts.


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