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ASP Turbine 7 Samples

The following samples demonstrate Turbine 7 functionality. Please also check the Turbine Lab for live experiences with MML (Media Markup Language).

Note: To correctly view the samples, the Flash and Acrobat PDF plug-ins should be installed.

Hello Worlds

The obligatory Hello World sample - shows how Turbine can integrate external media from different worlds: from Flash .swf files, from MML (Media Markup Language) files or directly from ASP scripts.

This sample also shows how Turbine can output to different formats - the same input media is used to output to Flash and PDF formats.

Turbine MML

Some features possible in MML: images, text, movie clips buttons and scripting.

Powerful Text Formatting

ASP Turbine 7 includes powerful text formatting capabilities ranging from simple font and style selection to character spacing and text flow areas.

Image Capabilities

Turbine integrates image content from several formats and includes fine tuning over quality settings as well as some common graphics effects.


ASP Turbine 7 features an on-the-fly Action Script compiler that allows great control over MML elements.

Turbine Window

The Turbine Window is both a way to report media generation errors during development but also a great player debugging tool.

Dynamic Data Charts

Chart capabilities are included on ASP Turbine 7, to quickly create meaningful data visualization solutions.

Media Caching

Caching of the Generated media is included in Turbine 7, to handle content that does not change frequently and to improve general server scalability.

Data Integration

Turbine can integrate data from XML, ADO RecordSets and plain old' text files.

Flash Components

With Turbine 7 you can place Flash MX components and initialize them with integrated data. Components can be orchestrated together to build sophisticated interfaces.

Organized Elements with AutoMovieClip

This example show how to use the <AutoMovieClip> command to display lists and grids of movie clips that can interact with regular Flash components like scroll panes.

Products Catalog
(Temporarily unavailable - Included with the Evaluation Download)

This integrated example displays a list of products (exotic flowers) with details about each product, dynamically loaded from a database.

Dynamic Invoice Generation

This example shows how simple is to use the PDF outputter to create an invoice with dynamic content.

PDF Encryption and Permissions

Turbine can make a PDF document secure by encrypting it - permissions can easily be allowed or denied for the generated document, such as the capability to: print it, change it, copy its contents and comment it.

This sample also shows how to control the document's compression, to create smaller files.

Multi-Language Support Sample

Turbine supports multi-language characters since it represents all text internally as Unicode. This sample generates a Flash movie or a PDF document containing a variety of Unicode characters.

The full source for these samples is included with ASP Turbine - to fully experiment with these samples please Download ASP Turbine 7.

Visit the Turbine Lab for immediate live experiments with Turbine's MML (Media Markup Language)!


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