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Turbine 7 SDK


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Generate Flash from a web server with ASP.NET Turbine for Windows.

Visit the Turbine Lab
to perform live experiments with Turbine Media Markup Language.

Turbine Video Engine SDK - automate Flash Video encoding into FLV and SWF formats.

Turbine 7 SDK


Turbine Generates:

Flash Rich Media
PDF Documents

The Turbine 7 SDK enables your software application to generate Flash Rich Media and PDF Documents - allowing you to leverage the power and ubiquity of these rich formats.

Turbine is an integrator of dynamic content into rich media, allowing a clean separation between Presentation from Content. With Turbine 7 you can build whole new rich media applications - impressive desktop multimedia applications!

Turbine is based on a sophisticated media-independent architecture that allows output to media formats like Flash and PDF.

The SDK is designed to run on desktop/client side environments, so if you are looking for a dynamic Flash or PDF generating server tool, please check our other products on the Turbine 7 range, which are specially designed to run on the server side, for example ASP.NET/ASP Turbine 7 and PHP Turbine 7.

Real World Applications

With the Turbine 7 SDK your .NET or COM software application can:

  • Create Flash rich media movies or PDF documents from your applications's data
  • Use Flash or XML files as templates for data integration
  • Integrate image, video and audio media into Flash movies
  • Build dynamic Flash movies or PDF documents based on user input
  • Generate chart-based interactive visualizations of your data
  • Automate generation of Flash and PDF content
  • Automate creation of PDF reports based on database content

By working from inside your application, the Turbine 7 SDK can be used to create sophisticated Flash movies and PDF documents that share all the advantages of such universal media formats.

For a real world example, please visit Rich Chart Builder Home to see what can be done with Turbine SDK.

Key Features

The Turbine 7 SDK includes all the base features of the standard ASP and ASP.NET Turbine 7 products, including:

  • Includes the easy to use Turbine Media Markup Language that can express all the rich media capabilities: text, images, shapes, movie clips, buttons, scripting, video and audio. See Turbine Lab.
  • Extensive data integration capabilities - from XML, ADO.NET Data Sets, Data Tables or Data Views, ADO RecordSets or plain old text files, local or remote.
  • Dynamic Chart generation - chart types can be customized and new types created. See the Chart Gallery for examples.
  • Includes text, images, video and audio from a variety of formats, from local or remote locations.
  • Includes an Action Script (ECMA-262 Script or JavaScript) on-the-fly compiler.
  • Full Flash MX support with extensive component integration.
  • Dynamic Adobe PDF document generation.
  • Encrypts PDF documents allowing permissions to be specified.

The Turbine 7 SDK runs on Windows and includes a COM interface that can be used from any programming language that supports COM automation, like C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, VBScript, etc. Turbine 7 SDK also includes a .NET interface that can be used in any .NET programming language like C# or VB.NET.

Full documentation and source code examples on how to run and use all the Turbine 7 features are included with the SDK.

Download Turbine 7 SDK

Download a complete fully-functional version of Turbine SDK.

The download includes several learning examples with full source in a number of programming languages - this will allow you an in-depth contact with Turbine SDK features. Please visit the Download Section .

Rich Chart Builder uses Turbine 7 SDK

Rich Chart Builder Rich Chart Builder
Rich Chart Builder transforms your data charts into stimulating interactive experiences - this product was developed with Turbine SDK, which is used to create the stunning Flash charts available here.


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