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Rich Chart Builder Creates stunning animated interactive Flash charts...

Turbine Video Engine SDK
Add the power of Turbine Video to your own desktop or server applications.

Turbine Video Uploader
Do you want to add video sharing to your web site, or you have a vlogging service?

Learn how to create your own video blog.

FLV Play
is a package of well designed Flash Video players to show FLV in your website.

Looking for TVE Free Edition? Download it here.


Turbine Video Encoder

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Turbine Video Encoder 4


Publish your video to the Web with Turbine Video Encoder. More than converting video to the universal Flash format, TVE can bring magic into your video with beautiful and sophisticated Flash video players and stunning visual FX.

Besides supporting FLV and SWF (Flash 7+), TVE also supports F4V (AVC/H.264) (Flash 9.5+), a state-of-the-art video codec implemented in the latest update to Flash Player 9, which delivers stunning quality at remarkably low data rates.

Turbine Video Encoder

Key Features & Benefits:

F4V (AVC/H.264), FLV and SWF Flash Formats

Supported the new high quality F4V (AVC/H.264) video format implemented in the latest update to Adobe Flash Player (Flash 9.5+). Also creates FLV Flash Video which can be played in the Flash Player (version 7+), streamed through Adobe-Macromedia's Flash Media Server, or imported into the Flash authoring tool.

Export Video to PowerPoint

Impress your audience with video in PowerPoint presentations.

Beautiful and Fully-Customizable Players

Enhance your video with a wealth of professionally designed and fully customizable Video Players.

Includes a Wide Range of Visual Effects

Inject new life into your video by using the more than 65 included FreeFrame Visual Effects.

Avoid Codec Hell

By publishing to Flash Video format, over 98% of internet users will be able to see your video in their web browsers: codec hell is a thing of the past.

Titles and Subtitles

Add text captions like titles and subtitles to create enhanced video experiences.

Place a Logo or Watermark over your Video

A solid or transparent image can be placed over the video for watermarking, media branding or other purposes.

Web Cam Capture and Encoding

Doing advanced video blogging or simply delivering your message with a personal touch? Either way, you can record and publish it online with TVE.

Publish Your Video to the Internet

Generates an HTML page displaying the Flash video player, which you can easily publish to your website by using the built-in FTP uploader.

Audio Recording

Record and mix your voice comments into the encoded video. Or mix-in an external audio file.

Power with Simplicity

Publishing your video can be done in three simple steps. And more advanced users can customize other delicate aspects of the audio and video encoding.

Easy to Use Friendly Video Timeline
Browse source video and select the encoding interval in an easy-to-use Timeline interface. Player customizations can be interactively previewed.

Batch Encoding
Automatically convert several videos in an easy to use batch mode.

Convert Video and Audio from Virtually any Format
All the common video and audio formats are accepted by TVE:
Windows Media (AVI, WMV, ASF, WMA, WAV, using any AVI/WM codecs like DIVX, XDIV, etc.); QuickTime (MOV, QT, DV, AAC, AIF/AIFF, using any QuickTime codecs); MPEG (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MP3); Mobile phone formats (3GP, 3G2) and several image formats (PNG, JPG, BMP, animated GIF).

State of the Art Encoding Methods
Besides CBR (Constant Bit Rate), TVE also supports VBR (Variable Bit Rate, 1 and 2 pass) video encoding and the crystal-clear Constant Quality encoding.

Extract Audio to MP3
Extract audio from any video and export it to MP3.

Advanced Motion Estimation
TVE uses optimized Motion Estimation techniques to improve video quality and compression.

Full Control over Video Parameters and Quality
TVE includes useful video deinterlace, video noise reduction and deblocking operations as well as video filtering: brightness, contrast, gamma, white and black restore, etc.

Video Frame Export to Image
Capture any video frame and save it for use as thumbnail or video preview.

Video Cropping
Use cropping to define the video area which is really important to display.

Lossless Video Codec
The lossless video compression does not loose any quality which makes it perfect for video whose details you want to keep intact.


Video Consulting Service

Blue Pacific has an exceptionally deep expertise in multimedia systems, Adobe Flash video, online video and video conversion technologies.

We are prepared to help your Company to design and develop an online video server with capabilities to encode video from several different formats to the main standard video formats. We have knowledge on how to use several encoding frameworks.

Click here to learn more about our video consulting service.

Web Video Machine

Powerful, robust, easy-to-use batch video converter for your website. When installed in a website, it converts virtually any video format to FLV and F4V (AVC/H.264) Flash video. Click here to learn more about the Machine.

Turbine Video Engine SDK

All the incredible power of Turbine Video made available to all developers. Turbine Video Engine Software Development Kit may be used in server applications to automatically convert uploaded video to FLV, or it can be used to build FLV Flash video conversion into multimedia applications.
More information here

Turbine Video Uploader

Do you want to add video sharing to your web site, or you have a vlogging service?

Turbine Video Uploader is a special version of Turbine Video Encoder that enables users to encode video with their computers and transparently upload it to your web site or file server. Learn more about Turbine Video Uploader.

Learn How to Create Your Own Video Blog

Check out our new Guide that will show you step-by-step how to set up a video blog for free by using Turbine Video Encoder.

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