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Turbine to Support H.264  

Next version of TVU will support the new H.264 video format implemented in the latest update to Flash Player 9.

FREE Upgrade

Customers who purchase after the 14th of November 2007 are entitled to a free upgrade.


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Turbine Video Uploader


Turbine Video Uploader (TVU) enables Flash Video (FLV) encoding and transparent uploading to your website or file server.

Turbine Video Uploader can be fully branded and customized in a way that it looks like your own application. You control how it looks, you control the video encoding settings and the upload settings.

TVU is a complete client-side solution to help you build a successful web video community.

It is a very simple process:

  1. User downloads Turbine Video Uploader from your site and installs it (only once)
  2. User drags & drops a video into the application or uses his webcam to record an instant video
  3. Turbine Video Uploader encodes the video and shows a preview to user
  4. Turbine Video Uploader uploads the video to your website using your upload settings
Turbine Video Uploader
Initial Screen*
Turbine Video Uploader
Encode, preview and upload  

*ACME is a fictitious company name which can be branded.

Main Benefits

If you want to add video sharing to your website, or you have a video blogging service, or you want to build a video community then Turbine Video Uploader offers the following advantages:

You need no dedicated servers to encode video
As you certainly know, encoding video is a very time and CPU consuming process. With Turbine Video Uploader, the video encoding task is performed on the user's own computer, not your servers.

Don't waste bandwidth, increase upload speed instead
Turbine Video Uploader will upload highly compressed video reducing both your bandwidth bill and user's waiting time.

Avoid Codec Hell
You don't have to support all the existing formats and codecs at your servers anymore - all your videos will have the same format: the universal Flash Video format (FLV), accessible to over 98% of internet users.

All your users need to do is drag and drop a video into your application - as simple as that!

Brand awareness
Users will have your application installed into their computers, with your brand on it, constantly reminding them of your site.

How does it look?

See Turbine Video Uploader in action.

Turbine Video Uploader is a special version of Turbine Video Encoder with the following major differences:

  • It will include and display your logo
  • The Timeline and Preview tab buttons are customizable
  • The Encode and Publish buttons are customizable
  • The Publish button will upload the encoded video to your website
  • The application name is customizable
  • Many installation items are customizable like the displayed images, license agreement, welcome text and colors
  • The About text is customizable
  • The Advanced options are not available
  • The Tools menu is not available

We recommend that you download a fully-functional evaluation version of Turbine Video Uploader today and see for yourself.

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