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Blue Pacific Software is committed to provide the very best support to both registered and evaluation users of our products. Please check the following sections which provide a number of assistance options, ranging from self-service to direct technical support:


Knowledge Base

Product Manuals

Direct Support

Priority Support
Mailing Lists
Video Consulting Service

Turbine Solution Providers

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Turbine 7 Lab - Live Experiments with MML!

You can also find more information about each product on their respective Product Areas.


Product Manuals

Product manuals are available online and for download at:

Product Online Download
ASP.NET Turbine 7
ASP Turbine 7
PHP Turbine 7
Rich Chart Builder 1.0
Rich Chart Server 1.0
Turbine Mobile 1.0
Turbine Video Encoder 4
Web Video Machine -

The manual for each product is included and installed with the product setup and is also usually available from the product's Support area.


Direct Support

The direct technical support entry points are:

Direct Support Email:

Direct support for non-registered users is provided on an informal basis, with queries usually answered on 8 to 24 hours. If you require special support, please see the Priority Support service.


Mailing Lists

When downloading each of our products you may opt to subscribe by writing your email address to receive information about the availability of new product builds, patches or bug fixes, as well as other information concerning Blue Pacific Software products:

ASP / ASP.NET Turbine 7
PHP Turbine 7
Turbine 7 SDK
Rich Chart Builder
Rich Chart Server
Turbine Video Engine SDK
Turbine Video Encoder
Turbine Video Uploader
Web Video Machine


Video Consulting Service

Blue Pacific has an exceptionally deep expertise in multimedia systems, Adobe Flash video, online video and video conversion technologies.

We are prepared to help your Company to design and develop an online video server with capabilities to encode video from several different formats to the main standard video formats. We have knowledge on how to use several encoding frameworks.

Click here to learn more about our video consulting service.



The following books contain chapters, reviews or descriptions about Turbine products:

Flash 5 Dynamic Content Studio
by Phil Piper, Nik Et Al Khilnani, Dan Humphrey, Richee Jesky, Eng Wei Chua, Shawn Ryder, Jorge Diogo
Friends of Ed (Wrox);
ISBN: 1903450063
ASP Turbine book examples available here

Rich Media StudioLab
by Tia Aleo, Kristian Besley, Sham Bhangal, Murat Bodur, Martin Dalhauser, Jorge Diogo, Alex McLeod, Doug McDermott, Robin Mackay, Alex Ogle, Mike Tucker, Jerome Turner, Fred Fauquette, Paul Logan, Keran McKenzie, Darren Smith, Kevyn Smith, Mark Welland
Friends of Ed (Wrox);
ISBN: 1903450640

Generator & Flash Demystified: Building Advanced Web Applications
by Phillip Torrone, Chris Wiggins
Peachpit Press;
ISBN: 0201725843

Flash Site Workshop
by Ken Milburn, On Call Interactive
Sams (Macmillan Computer Publishing/Pearson Education);
ISBN: 0672319993


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